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At times this scent reminds me of Estee Lauder Pleasures which has that same catching whiffs of flowers air.

The green notes are very nice and remind me of plants.

Eternity Then & Now I wore Eternity through the 90s when it was still very popular.

This was a daily fragrance I wore to work as a public educator.

I received compliments mainly from other women - on the street, in the grocery store, at school, at Church.

This is a very elegant floral with a demure womanly aura. The scent is easy to wear if you're already used to floral fragrances.

The Court Reconvenes: Courtly Literature Across the Disciplines: Selected Papers from the Ninth Triennial Congress of the International Courtly Literature Society, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 25-31 July 1998 An International Annotated Bibliography of Strindberg Studies 1870–2005: Vol.

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The heliotrope here is not as prominent and seems to want to replace a vanilla note. This is perfect for a woman between 30-35 years who is very neat/ clean and calm. The persistence: 8/10 Silage 7/10 Please note that I am new in testing and reviewing fragrances so that my reviews are not pro at all. The longevity is immense, and will cling to you for "eternity".A well made patchouli leaf is noticeable as it begins to dry. The patchouli's herbal side emerges and mingles with amber and a bit of wood.The scent lasts a very long time and has excellent sillage. It's the most floral of the Sophia Grojsman creations in my opinion.Eternity is another very successful fragrance of Calvin Klein, which was designed as a tribute to his marriage.Eternity is a hymn of eternal values: love, family and peace.

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