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There are studs who not only date other studs but femmes as well and there are a few like me who ONLY date studs or trans men, so we come in ALL flavors/styles/combinations. With that being said I’m gonna write about s4s from the perspective of a MIW of color.

STUD FOR STUD & DATING Dating can be difficult and overwhelming in general, but imagine trying to do it under a microscope of negativity, scrutiny and uncertainty.

Black people are bogged down with appearances and what their peers think whereas white people not only encourage, but cherish being different.

The black lesbian community is heavily steeped in male/female, stud/femme roles as patterned after our straight counterparts.

The main weapon of choice by lesbians (stud and femme) but more so by the femmes, is emasculation!

There is nothing more hurtful to a stud than to challenge their masculinity and much like straight society does to gay men, studs are demonized for being weak because they may enjoy penetration or the act of submission from another stud.

As a matter of fact, that pairing is the MOST common image/perception of lesbians by the general public.

As with any subculture the LGBTQ community is a direct representation of mainstream society. Lesbians, gays, blacks, and whites rarely, if ever party or fellowship together.

Its my opinion that femmes do this because they feel slighted that they were overlooked or passed over for the love and affection of a stud similarly the way some straight women feel when dealing with gay men.

Non s4s studs terrorize s4s studs because their masculinity is threatened and they fear others will perceive them as s4s as well.

STUD FOR STUD & HOW WE ARE PERCEIVED IN THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY Stud for stud has had a rough time within our own gay community, ESPECIALLY by the lesbians.

We’ve been shunned, excluded, made fun of, and disrespected.

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