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So what's the big deal about Grandpa wearing a GPS watch or pendant if he tends to wander or fall?

So far, the government and insurance companies have balked at paying for some of the devices.

The San Francisco-based business advises start-ups in the aging and boomer fields. adults age 85-plus who live alone (as do one-third of those 65-plus). And just wait for the deluge of boomers who will need care. In some cases, the tracking devices are becoming cool.

There are devices to track medication and Alzheimer's wandering, activity — or inactivity — in the house, falls and real-time health information.With mobile push-button personal emergency response systems, called PERS, and GPS location tracking, you can monitor parents or aging friends at home, or while they play golf or go on long walks."We've entered the era of low-cost, miniaturized, technological capabilities that enable smarter caregiving and greater independence," says Laurie Orlov, an aging-in-place technology analyst.Many older people need multiple medications multiple times a day; a memory issue compounds the task.What it is: A digital pill dispenser that looks like a regular seven-day model.

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