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On this frantic call to 911 you can hear Omarosa refer to Michael as her husband."He's not responding. Judy said, "We were like whoa." INSIDE EDITION's Victoria Recano asked, "So you don't think they were ever engaged?" Judy said, "Michael never mentioned any type of engagement."Michael died last September after two months on life support. " Judy replied, "To this date, nothing."In a statement to INSIDE EDITION, Omarosa says Judy's allegations are "Absolutely not true," even calling her "Michael's estranged sister."Omarosa also says Michael's will was regularley updated.

Encouraged by his mother to pursue acting, he made several minor TV and film appearances before landing a role in 1999's Raised on Chicago's South Side by his mother, Jean, Michael Clarke Duncan studied communications at Alcorn State University in Mississippi.Clarke would work with Willis again in Breakfast of Champions, The Whole Nine Yards and Sin City.His industrial-sized build was suited for everything from superhero films (Daredevil) to comedy (Talledega Nights, School for Scoundrels).He dropped out and returned to Chicago, working as a ditch digger for a gas company and moonlighting as a bouncer in various South Side nightclubs.He eventually landed a security position with a touring stage company production of .

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