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The plot is set in a fictional history of real world events and follows the centuries-old struggle between the Assassins, who fight for peace with free will, and the Templars, who desire peace through control.The story is set in Paris during the French Revolution; the single-player story follows Arno Victor Dorian in his efforts to expose the true powers behind the Revolution.Examples include scaring a group of bullies by pulling out a weapon, "settling" a disagreement between two civilians by killing one of them, which is usually a Templar, or chasing down a thief who has just pick pocketed somebody.For the first time, the series allows players to customize the characters' abilities, adopting a skill tree that enables players to assign points earned through gameplay to improve their skills in stealth, melee, and ranged combat, and health.Navigation for the game was also overhauled: new "Free-run up" and "Free-run down" commands were added to make it easier for the player to scale buildings in either direction.Additionally, Arno learns new moves throughout the game, but the player can also purchase new skills as well.Assassin's Creed Unity is an action-adventure stealth game set in an open world environment.

The crowd regularly presents many activities, appearing organically, that the player can then choose to engage in at their leisure.

If accepted, you are transitioned to their game and both of you reset to the most recent checkpoint, and continue on from there.

Up to four players can join together in this fashion.

the daughter of the Templar Grandmaster who adopted Arno, who also sets out to investigate more about her father's death and its role in a growing ideological change within the Templar Order that threatens its core values.

Arno's story starts in Versailles as a child, but for most of the story he is in Paris.

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