Linq to sql view not updating

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You might have become so accustomed to this that you can't see anything wrong! You want to write a simple query that retrieves customers as follows: Only when we enumerate third Page will the query actually execute. It's rather like transliterating a Fortran program into C# 7, and then complaining about the clumsy syntax for GOTO.

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As because LINQ queries are composable, we can add predicates conditionally.In order to simplify querying we make use of the following view to return the data that we need for a particular web page: CREATE VIEW [dbo].[v Tip List] AS SELECT t. Now we are ready to write some sample code to query based on the view in our EF model.This requires querying across four tables (Purchase, Customer, Address and Purchase Item). Which means the detail of whether this was a inner or outer join is nicely abstracted away.In LINQ, the query is effortless: SELECT p.* FROM Purchase p LEFT OUTER JOIN Customer c INNER JOIN Address a ON c. In this case, the query, when translated to SQL, would be an outer join: LINQ doesn't exclude rows just because a subcollection returns zero elements.

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