Lindsay lohan and samantha ronson dating

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Jada Pickett Smith Rapper Eve Rapper Da Brat Merv Griffin - After his death, it was revealed that Merv was gay. JC Chasez - Heard this before Jonathan Knight EJay Day Ricky Martion RJ Helton Ryan Cabrera Alicia Keys - I've seen pics of Alicia and her alleged girlfriend. His friends were concerned for HIM and they put this girl on blast in 2007. Its a magical day when that child finds out its existence was an act of convienience and not love.

Clive Davis Clay Aiken Kelly Clarkson - I want this to come out, it would explain why she's so bitter towards men in her songs. I can't believe this is still circling the internet! When he was a teenager, apparently Tevin Campbell developed a major and obvious crush on one of his mentors, Prince (Quincy Jones being another mentor).

It was the most ugly showbiz family feud ever.” The top NYC musician went on to tell IUC that Brown’s addiction to drugs over the years was fuelled by a homosexual relationship that went sour. Cillian Murphy Tom Cruise - Katie's an idiot Ellen - List filler Paris Hilton Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson - List lengthener Ryan Seacrest Angelina Jolie - She's straight now, give her a break Jodie Foster TR Knight - Who woulda thunk it?

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A closet-case who has his masculinity challenged is vicious and ugly. I know a lot of DL brothas and Puerto Ricans who think the same way: it's not gay, it's, you know, when there ain't no women around, nothing wrong with getting a little freaky from time to time.It went all down the drain when Bobby arrived on the scene.Unfortunately, Whitney remained estranged from John till the day he died.That said, I have no idea whether Brown is gay or straight. This dude and Chris Brown maybe think they aren't gay because they don't kiss or they don't hold hands or cuddle or do anything romantic.I do know people of whatever sexuality shouldn't be pigeonholed into capabilities based purely on orientation stereotypes. They just satisfy each other by doing a sexual act.

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